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Tips to consider before buying a conveyor!

In order to fully optimize the production line, one must not forget such an important stage as the material transport and supply conveyors, which are one of the main elements in ensuring the continuous operation of the production process. These mechanical devices move parts and materials from machine to machine quickly and safely. There are several types of conveyors, but they usually consist of a frame based on either wheels, rollers or a belt, depending on the material to be moved, and they operate manually, by motor or by gravity.

Understand the equipment you want to buy

To find the most suitable industrial conveyor solution for your company, take the time to evaluate, consider and, if necessary, discuss with the manufacturer these 7 main considerations:

  • Product material – what is it and how does it behave during transportation? Does it have to meet special transportation requirements?
  • Product parameters – what is the size and weight of the product to be moved and the way it will be moved – one unit at a time or all together.
  • Environmental factors – what environmental conditions could affect the transportation of products: high humidity, pressure, temperature, vibration or risk of fire?
  • Space limitations – where will it be located: several meters above the ground, on the floor or built into the floor? Will it be compatible with adjacent equipment?
  • Expected performance and speed – What is the main function of the conveyor, component or system that is expected of it? Does movement speed matter?
  • Direction of movement – think about the direction of the conveyor, do you need it to be up or down? Will the orientation of the product be changed at some point during the transportation process?
  • Financial amount – how much financial resources can you allocate for the purchase of a conveyor? Buying a used conveyor or conveyor system can be a cost-effective, money-saving option.

All the above-mentioned aspects will help you better understand your product, the environment it needs, and ultimately make the right choice by purchasing the most appropriate conveyor system.

Reliable manufacturers and conveyor system specialists will always provide you with the necessary information about conveyors and valuable advice on their purchase. One of them is – a distributor of woodworking and industrial conveyors, who will help you choose the best product and material transportation technology.

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