The story of Sawmill Machinery began in Sweden with the sale of timber haulers and logging equipment. As the company grew and developed, new industries were learned, which created a great demand from woodworking companies in Latvia, as a result of which SIA Sawmill Machinery was established. Our team includes specialists with years of experience in the woodworking industry, who have worked not only in the Baltic States, but also in Scandinavia. Over time, we have established successful cooperation with industry companies in Latvia, as well as around the world, delivering equipment even to such destinations as Chile, Australia and New Zealand.


  • sale of new and used woodworking equipment, equipment and parts
  • dismantling and installation of woodworking equipment
  • buying used equipment
  • we help customers sell used woodworking equipment
  • equipment design and adaptation to customer needs
  • consultations


The goal of Sawmill Machinery is to be one of the leading companies in its sector. Offer equipment and solutions that will ensure a continuous work cycle, reduce human resource involvement and overall costs, allowing you to produce more, in the shortest possible time. We will help you with any matter related to equipment, production lines, equipment maintenance and repair, spare parts and other related matters in this industry. We know that time and costs are very important in business!

Our core values are punctuality, high quality, in-depth communication and a professional approach to working with clients. We go into each situation and recommend the best solution.


Sawmill Machinery independently strives for development, new collaborations and expansion of the offer, so that our customers reach new heights of production!

We currently cooperate with such brands as: ARIVislanda – LINCK – Söderhamn
Eriksson – Waco – Weinig – Wadkin – Primultini – AKE – Cambio – Nicholson – ERJO – BRUKS – Tähkä – Maier – Möckeln – Rema – ALMAB – KALLFASS – Jonsered – Canali –
HewSaw – Valon Kone – HBS – BEZNER – XtraSharp Machinery and others.

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