Planers and planing lines

Timber planers and planing lines are used for longitudinal processing of solid wood or softwood. As a result of processing, high-quality timber end products are obtained. High-class finishing and floor boards, burrs, packaging materials, timber for log houses and construction, as well as furniture timber.

The forming and planing process is one of the most important in the production of wood products, so it is important to choose the most suitable equipment. The quality and reliability of the planing equipment is of fundamental importance, because at this stage of production each manufactured product gets maximum added value.

When choosing a used planer or planing line, the condition of the equipment should be taken into account – whether there is wear, rust, missing or broken parts. Technical specifications – check the machine’s power and speed to make sure it meets your requirements. Maintenance History – Find out what the machine’s maintenance history is and if any major repairs have been done. Cost – compare the price of a used machine to the price of a new one to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

What are the benefits of buying a used planer or planer line?

A second-hand planer or planing line can provide several advantages: cost savings, as used equipment is often significantly cheaper than new equipment; used equipment is more readily available than new equipment, which can help you start production faster; many used planers and planing lines are still in excellent condition, providing high quality performance at lower cost; used woodworking equipment can be adapted to your production needs; choosing to buy used equipment can help reduce waste and promote sustainability by giving existing resources a second life.

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