Plant and log sorting lines

In woodworking, board and log grading lines are used to categorize and sort raw materials according to their size and quality. These machines typically use sensors and other technology to measure and sort wood based on predetermined criteria. This process helps improve production efficiency and accuracy.

Plant and log sorting lines provide several advantages: they automate the sorting process, thus reducing the required processing time and increasing productivity; uses advanced technology to accurately grade wood according to specific criteria such as size, quality and moisture content; the wood is sorted consistently, resulting in a more homogeneous product; by optimizing the use of each piece of wood, sorting lines can reduce waste, thus reducing company costs.

When choosing a sorting line for woodworking: take into account the size and weight of logs or boards you will be working with; evaluate the speed at which logs or boards need to be processed; required level of automation, sorting line costs and maintenance requirements; the type of wood you will work with and its unique properties; the space required for the sorting line.

Choosing used board and log sorting lines for woodworking can be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing new equipment. Additionally, used equipment may have already been tested and proven to be reliable, which can provide reassurance. However, it is important to carefully inspect the equipment and ensure that it is in good condition before purchasing.

Our consultant can help you evaluate the quality and functionality of the equipment, identify potential problems or maintenance needs, and provide guidance on how to properly operate and maintain the equipment. Ultimately, a consultation can help you make a more informed decision and avoid costly mistakes.

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