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What to consider choosing circular saws or band saws?

Circular sawmill and bandsawmill – two such popular sawing technologies. Although they perform the same function as sawing wood, they are completely different in terms of both functionality and appearance. In this article, you will find out which jobs each of these saws will be more suitable for. So what should you know when choosing a circular saw or a band saw?

Band saw for thick pieces of wood

A band saw is a continuous saw with sharp blades that slide around a series of rollers in the form of a flexible, sealed steel strip.

Typically, bandsaws have much thinner blades with smaller teeth than any other saw, so it has the advantage of less chip residue during the cutting process. It can cut irregular or curved shapes like a jigsaw thanks to the smooth cutting motion provided by evenly distributed tooth load. It is an efficient and therefore popular sawing machine in several woodworking companies that process whole tree trunks. They can easily handle really thick pieces of wood material.

Circular sawmill for mass production

It is based on a round blade disc suitable for fast and constant cutting. Depending on the need, there are different blade disc variations and choices, each suitable for a different cut and application. For the mass production of timber, industrial companies most often choose circular sawing equipment, which is not only cheaper, but also more durable and designed for tough working conditions.

As woodworking continues to grow and develop, improving existing technologies as well as introducing new technologies, choosing between a circular saw or a band saw can be really difficult. Both sawing technologies are becoming more efficient and durable for industrial use.

Before purchasing equipment, we recommend that you use the opportunity to consult with the specialists of industrial woodworking machines, who will be able to find the most suitable sawing equipment for you and your company’s needs, as well as answer the question – what you need to know when choosing a circular saw or a band saw. You will find such consulting services, as well as a wide range of new and used woodworking equipment, on the website.

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