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Reasons why you should use a wood chip sorter!

Woodworking companies face several big challenges every day: how to improve the productivity of work lines, reduce costs and make the most of existing resources. One of the things that every woodworking company should implement is a chip screening system. Chip screening system – development opportunities for the company, which will open up new product opportunities and solve the issue of 100% use of resources.

Maximum use of timber

Wood is one of the most unique and could even be called one of the most diverse natural resources with a wide range of end products. However, many companies rely solely on the production of certain wood products when they are actually losing money due to the waste of wood resources. By-products or wood waste, which is formed in each part of woodworking, can be crushed and sorted into different fractions – chips, shavings and useless pieces. The use of wood chips, as well as bark and leaves, is the future, as all these types of bioresources are raw materials for the production of innovative products with high added value.

Valuable products that can be sold

Wood scraps are inevitable in any woodworking business, but with proper processing, it is possible to turn them into new and undeniably valuable products. Chips can be used to make chipboard and pellets, or to cover flower beds with bark mulch, as well as to generate heat and electricity and to create impact-absorbing playground surfaces. It is not necessary to engage in the production of wood waste processing products yourself, if the wood is divided into separate categories, it is already a valuable product that is eagerly bought by processors. In an economy where the production of wood chips is an alternative source of renewable energy, it is possible to generate income from logging without creating a risk to the environment and without providing additional resources for energy production.

Implementing a chip screening system in your company can give you really valuable opportunities and ideas for the production and sale of new products. It is not always necessary to start with the purchase of completely new equipment. Several companies admit that they are happy to buy used production equipment to save money. We sell, buy, install and repair all types of woodworking equipment. Take a look at our offer and apply for a free consultation.

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