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Board stacking machines – the key to productivity success!

Surely you have noticed that stacking lumber is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming stages of the woodworking process? If your sawmill also has one, consider purchasing board stacking equipment and board wrapping equipment that will ensure an efficient automation process and eliminate downtime. Such an investment in the purchase of automatic board sorting and packing equipment will pay off in a short period of time.

Semi-automatic board stacking system

This type of semi-automatic board packing line requires only one worker whose main task is to manually lift and stack the boards into stacks. Although the worker has to operate the equipment manually, it is safe and meets all occupational safety requirements. This is a budget-friendly option that can be chosen as the next step in the automation process of woodworking materials.

If purchasing a new packaging system is too much of a financial investment, there is always the option of purchasing a used board and lumber stacking line. Swedabo.lv is one of the most reliable dealers of new and used woodworking machinery and equipment, who will help you find or even build the best equipment for your woodworking company. Take a look at our product catalog or apply for a free consultation in the contact section.

Fully automatic loading system

If you want the flow of timber from the sawing line or sorting line to be in continuous motion, perhaps the most suitable solution will be the purchase of a fully automatic board packing system. It works completely automatically, so there is no need to hire a full-time employee. There are many more benefits that can save resources used in production, thus increasing the pace of production and productivity. Depending on the possibilities of the stacking system, the timber can be packed in a way you like – arranging the boards with gaps, with boards of different widths or with a diagonal shift.

Automatic insertion of spacers

Almost every woodworking company places shims between the layers of the board stack during the board stacking process. These wooden spacers help the boards dry faster and ship more conveniently to customers. This can be done either manually or with automated equipment, or an automated liner placement system. In the first variant, it is done by an employee who stands at the line and places the spacers in the required layer of boards. This means that every time a spacer needs to be inserted, the entire board stacking process must be stopped. In the second variant, this is done automatically using an automated function built into the board packaging machine. It inserts spacers into pre-programmed board layers.

Such an automatic liner feature does not come cheap, but given the significant reduction in labor costs and increased volume of packaged product and overall process productivity, it is an option worth the investment.