Kokapstrādes iekārtu uzturēšana darba kārtībā

Keep wood edger knives sharp!

Milling the edges of the wood takes place immediately after peeling the log and checking it with a metal detector. It could even be called the first stage of woodworking. After this stage, you receive two different raw materials for the production of products. The quality of the router knives and their wear and tear play a key role in ensuring the efficiency of this process, so keep your wood edge router knives sharp!

The first signs that the blades are worn

Wood chips and milled boards are the main products of this stage, which are transferred to further processing stages such as chemical pulp, boards, lumber, wood products and other products. As for the efficiency of the cutter, know that the quality of the boards decreases as the degree of wear of the knives increases. Another negative aspect of blade wear is the increase in energy consumption. Therefore, the first thing that will indicate an inefficient operation is the quality of the wood chips and the electricity consumption.

What causes knife wear?

Although wood is classified as a fairly soft material that is easy to handle, it is and remains a heterogeneous material whose resistance causes changes in mechanical force. Uneven resistance is caused by various factors, such as branches and knots, which are significantly harder than other parts of the tree. Therefore, as soon as the blade reaches such a node, it receives a large impact. Each species and type of wood affects part life differently, as each wood contains different chemicals that can create corrosive conditions and abrasive particles that wear down the blades during the process.

The main thing is to take care of the equipment in time and choose a wood of hardness that corresponds to the capacity and performance of the equipment. In this way, you will avoid the production of poor quality products, dissatisfied customers, increased energy consumption or even expensive downtime caused by equipment damage.

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