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Don’t let the woodworking process stop!

One of the most important things in the woodworking process is to ensure continuous operation of the process at all stages of the process so that maximum productivity and return is obtained from every working hour. Log and board sorting lines, as well as material measuring systems, play a major role in the efficient woodworking process.

Sorting materials affects production efficiency

Sorting line for logs, boards, or any other type – it definitely significantly improves the production efficiency of the overall process. Imagine how much time and money is saved, just because all the logs, straight from the truck, are sorted according to quality and size, and later, after the sawing process, with the help of measuring devices, they each end up in different piles according to length, width or thickness. Log sorting machines and board sorting lines allow the entire woodworking process to run non-stop. Depending on labor availability and financial capabilities, the sorting process can be done manually or with the help of mechanized sorters. Manual tree sorting, which might save money, may not always be the most cost-effective option, as it is largely influenced by the speed and productivity of the workforce.

New markets and opportunities

Many companies in the woodworking industry appreciate the ability to adjust the parameters of logs and boards according to the demand of timber buyers and timber processing companies. Industrial timber grading lines not only make the entire woodworking process much easier and more efficient, but also more profitable, opening up opportunities for growth and supply expansion. Some of the benefits:

  • Possibility to supply specific timber to manufacturers of wood products;
  • Ability to compete in specialized wood and roundwood markets;
  • Simpler and more transparent accounting of timber;
  • Regardless of the requested quality, it is possible to fulfill orders of small volumes of logs and boards.

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