3D scanning and modeling is a fast, simple and at the same time accurate method of providing volume and component measurements of various production equipment.


Scanning is performed with specialized equipment, the operation of which results in a 3D model of the object – a cloud of points. This point cloud can be developed as a 3D model to be used as a physical body in computer simulations, design, manufacturing and planning. The equipment model can also be created using a 3D printing machine.

Benefits provided by the 3D scanning method: equipment technical solutions; cuts and knots; situation modeling; implementation of various monitoring; object analysis and visualization of design solutions; scanning data can be combined with aerial photography, which gives the opportunity to add individual elements for modeling and processing; The 3D scanner allows you to obtain high-precision data (up to 0.1 mm) in a short time about object dimensions, surfaces, displacements, reflected by the real colors of the object, in a 3D point cloud (color and black and white), in various formats.

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