Entrust the installation of woodworking equipment to specialists

Any woodworking equipment – new or used – usually consists of massive iron parts, blades and electronic systems of various degrees of complexity. It is not so easy to assemble woodworking equipment on your own. Usually, the company where you will buy the equipment will also offer installation services, and here are some reasons why we recommend – entrust the installation of woodworking equipment to specialists!

Entrust the installation of woodworking equipment to specialists so as not to accidentally damage the parts of the equipment

Installing any complex equipment requires technical knowledge and the ability to read installation instructions, not to mention electrical engineering and equipment installation specifications. Any improper operation may cause component failure, short circuit or equipment malfunction. The risk is not only to damage the equipment, but also to lose its warranty.

The machine may not work properly and may even damage the product

If any part of the woodworking machine does not work properly, it damages not only itself and other related parts, but also the product. Partially or incompletely functioning equipment can significantly affect product quality. A batch of low-quality peeled logs, inaccurately milled boards or a slanted stack of boards can cause big losses for a company. All woodworking equipment must be fully functional and precisely calibrated for maximum performance.

Installing a woodworking machine can take longer than planned

Lack of knowledge about the assembly of equipment can significantly prolong the process of its installation. Experienced equipment installation specialists will always complete the installation work in a much shorter period of time. Equipment downtime is always a loss for the company because even though production has stopped, fixed costs still need to be paid.

Each of the devices has its own specifics and nuances, which are mostly known only to those who deal with the installation of such devices on a daily basis. The cost of the equipment is high enough not to risk damage during the installation process, so the safest option is to entrust such equipment assembly work to specialists.

Swedabo.lv’s team of professionals will be able to quickly and efficiently install any woodworking equipment. We also offer our customers equipment transportation, equipment dismantling and old equipment restoration services. If you have any questions related to the equipment, their installation, feel free to contact us to receive advice on issues of interest to you!