Dismantling of woodworking equipment and the most important projects in 2022

Dismantling woodworking equipment is a complex and responsible process that can cause great loss and damage if done incorrectly. Any woodworking equipment – new or used – consists of massive iron parts, blades and electronic systems of various degrees of complexity, which need to be disassembled according to a certain procedure. The Swedabo.lv team has accumulated a lot of experience in this field, having carried out woodworking equipment dismantling work both in Latvia and Scandinavian countries over the years. The year 2022 was no exception for our team either, as the company carried out important dismantling works in Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

During the year, the Swedabo.lv team performed sawing, production and dismantling works of industrial woodworking lines. These works included disconnection of electrical equipment and their systems, disassembly and preparation of equipment parts and their components for relocation, as well as transportation of the equipment itself. In each of the projects assigned to us, we worked with the utmost care and attention to ensure that the dismantled equipment was not damaged and could be reassembled in the same condition as before dismantling.

We look back with satisfaction on what we accomplished this year and the addition of our professional experience, because each of the projects we are involved in is different. In the continuation of the publication, we offer a photo review of the most important projects of this year.

A look back at the most important woodworking equipment dismantling projects

Swedabo.lv has extensive experience and successful cooperation with industry companies not only in Latvia, but also outside its borders. In Sweden, this year we dismantled the sawing line, while one of the biggest and most time-consuming dismantling projects this year was in Finland – the dismantling of the board feeding system. In Estonia, the Swedabo.lv team performed the dismantling of the HewSaw R200 sawing line, which was also the final project of this year.



Ja Jūsu uzņēmumam ir nepieciešama kokapstrādes aprīkojuma demontāža Latvijā vai ārpus tās robežām, tad Swedabo.lv komanda šajā situācijā var palīdzēt. Ja rodas jautājumi saistībā ar iekārtām, to demontāžu, droši sazinies ar mums, lai saņemtu konsultāciju!